Do you want to develop as entrepreneur or managing director?

Would you like to win solid financial and economic position for your company? Do you have the right ambitions? Are you ready for more efficient and faster handling? Cut your costs while avoiding traps!



Regular bookkeeping is the basis of preparing financial statements in line with law.

Payroll Accounting

Regular bookkeeping is the basis of preparing financial statements in line with law.

Corporate Finance

By its nature, corporate finance covers complex services.

Tax Counselling and Fiscal Representation

As auditors and tax advisors we know strengths and weaknesses of our clients. We have a general overview on cost management and profitability both in individual companies and in the relevant industry.

Budapest Consultans Kft. with its expert team has been supporting clients achieving their goals for more than twenty-five years. Our colleagues have deep-going experience in different industries (such as automotive industry, health-care, trade, media sector, and HORECA) both in Hungary and internationally. We strive for fruitful co-operation and long-term partnership with our clients – always observing valid law. Contact us today for making your boldest plans come true together!

Kreston. Knowing you.

You’re special. Unique. No one else shares your history. Or your dreams for the future. So when you need professional support – because let’s face it, everyone does – you need more than the kind of standard services that are increasingly automated and commoditised. You’ll need those for your day-to-day requirements, of course, but when it comes to the really important things – the decisions that will shape your future and that of those you care about – you don’t just need an accountant.


Sure, you need someone with a deep understanding of your professional challenges and opportunities. You need someone with the right connections – because the help you need no longer falls neatly into traditional professional categories. And you need someone with trusted counterparts around the world whose own experience and connections may be just as important. But what you need most is someone who understands you. Someone who really knows what drives you – and where you’re driving to. Someone who will find ways to help you get there without even having to be asked. Someone who gets you. Someone who’s got your back. Someone from Kreston, in Hungary from Budapest Consultans.

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