Kreston International Limited
More and more companies seek break-through on the international stage, meaning infinite growth potential, on the one side, and risks higher than usual, on the other, due to economic, tax, social and politic rules and usages different from those on the domestic market. These problems can be minimized by adequate international connections. Budapest Consultans Kft. has been member of the worldwide network of Kreston International Limited since 1995. Kreston International is a global network of accounting firms each of which is a separate independent legal entity and as such has no liability for the acts or omissions of any other member firm. Kreston International is a company registered in England (under No. 3453194) and limited by guarantee. Kreston International Limited provides no services to clients and has no liability for the acts or omissions of any member firm.
Motto of the company "Kreston - People do business with people they know, like and trust." covers also the philosophy behind co-operation.

Moldován és Társai Ügyvédi Iroda
Law office Moldován és Társai Ügyvédi Iroda acts as representative of Hungarian and foreign clients in Hungary and provides companies and private persons counselling in Europe, the Middle East and also Overseas.

We offer legal services mostly in Hungarian, English and German but also in French, Russian and Vietnamese.

Activity of our office includes - but is not limited to - solution of legal aspects of corporate and trade issues, tax and real property cases, investments, business problems, mergers, buying-ups and securities as well as we have wide-range experience in the field of labour law, media law, copyright law and environment protection law . We deal with public procurement - especially in the pharmaceutical industry and health care -, PPP arrangements and legal aspects of air transport. An important segment of activity of our office is legal audit where legal status and operation of a company, observation of prescriptions of labour law and legal status of real property are examined within due diligence assignments.

In 2003, our office joined MACKRELL INTERNATIONAL, one of the first innovative organizations of independent law offices in the world. With its global network of about 4000 lawyers in 50 counties at present, it has been committed for quick legal aid and counselling all over the world. All members of the organization are highly qualified lawyers recognized in their country and having solid experience in solving more and more complex problems of international clients.

OSA IT Solutions Kft.

OSA IT Solutions was started in 2010 by splitting Office System Administrator Ltd, established in 1996. That former firm got to work as a limited liability partnership but the demand for its services was grew so fast that they had to expand the firm activity range and had to alter into an Ltd in 2002. In 2010 as a result of a planned profile-cleaning the IT group was parted from the parent firm and keeping their former clients started to work as a brand new firm named OSA IT Solutions Ltd.

Our collegaues are all young but have years of IT experience. Having regard to the fact that computer studies are being developed day by day at such a high accelerating level we attach particular significance to our collegaues' vocational training. We do our job fast, precisely and in a client-friendly way! That's why all of our home and foreing clients are satisfied with us. Call us and test our expertise! You should get to know, mentioning not incidentally, our astonishingly low prices.

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