Do you want to develop as entrepreneur or managing director? Would you like to win continuous and guaranteed financial and economic position for your company? Do you have ambitions? Ready for more efficient and faster handling? Spare costs by avoiding traps!

Budapest Consultans Kft. with its expert team has been supporting clients achieving their goals for more than twenty years. Our colleagues have deep-going experience in different industries (such as automotive industry, health-care, trade, media sector, HORECA) both in Hungary and internationally. We strive for fruitful co-operation and long-term partnership with our clients - always observing valid law.
Audit, Fiscal representation, Tax counselling, Payroll accounting, Bookkeeping
Within audit, our office - with special authorizations also for auditing financial organizations - certifies the compliance of the financial statements with legal prescriptions and standards, even with IFRS and US-GAAP, not only in Hungarian but also in German and English, if required.

Top-priority fields of tax counselling include tax optimization, furthering start-up of foreign companies in Hungary and doing fiscal representation.

We support effective operation of businesses by corporate finance services, bookkeeping providing information also for decision making, and comprehensive payroll accounting.

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Obligatory Change of the Articles of Association
Last updated: 11.12.2012
There are only one and a half months till 1st February 2013, the deadline for changing company data published in the company register and add the ones prescribed by the new rules. Companies not complying with this obligation may face very high penalties; therefore, there is no reason for delaying with reporting the relevant changes. Full story »

Kreston - Budapest Consultans Kft's international network wins global award
Last updated: 14.03.2012
Budapest Consultans Kft. and fellow Kreston member firms were among the winners at last week's International Accounting Bulletin's inaugural industry awards. Full story »

Major changes in vehicle taxation 2012
Last updated: 09.02.2012
New rules are effective for company cars from begin of this year. A company may pay just even a threefold amount for a company car owned and operated by the company. Dues for automobiles have typically grown, however, there are changes concerning registration tax favourable definitely for tax payers. Full story »

Obligatory chamber registration
Last updated: 05.01.2012
As of 1st January 2012, each company is obliged to register in the chamber and pay the chamber contribution Full story »

Changes in the Act about value added tax
Last updated: 05.12.2011
Normal VAT rate increases to record height as of 1st January 2012. Most products and services will be taxed from the beginning of the next year by a normal tax rate of 27% instead of 25% valid at present. Preferentially taxed products with 18% and 5% tax rates remain untouched. Full story »

Electronic documentation in audits
Last updated: 15.08.2011
Managing Director of our company reads lectures on the 19th National Conference of Auditors. Full story »

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