Obligatory chamber registration
Posted: 05.01.2012
Last updated: 05.01.2012
Author: Márton Sütő - Budapest Consultans Kft.
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As of 1st January 2012, each company is obliged to register in the chamber and pay the chamber contribution

According to the Act on Chambers No. CXXI/1999, as of 1st January 2012, all companies (limited partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability companies, companies limited by shares, private entrepreneurs, private companies, associations, subsidiaries of foreign companies in Hungary, cooperatives excluding housing cooperatives) have to apply for registration in the regional chamber competent for company seat within five days after registration in the register of companies, for already operating companies within 60 days, not later than 1st March 2012.

The chamber register contains the following company data:
- name,
- seat,
- company site(s),
- branch office(s),
- main activity,
- other actual activity (activities),
- SMB classification.

Company data recorded in the chamber register are public. Registration does not imply obligatory chamber membership, however, 5 thousand HUF shall be paid annually as contribution for fulfilment of public tasks not later by 31st March.

If the regional chamber detects that a company is not contained in the chamber register, the chamber instructs the company to comply with this obligation within five working days. If it has no result, the regional chamber competent by main activity of the company registers the company in the chamber register and takes measures for collecting the chamber contribution. The unpaid chamber contribution is a public debt in accordance with the law; thus, in the case of non-payment, it will be collected by the tax authority as tax.

The companies have to report any change in their recorded data within five working days. Change of data is free of charge.

It is important that with this obligatory registration, the company does not automatically become member of the chamber, and will not be entitled to use the chamber services!

Chamber members can deduct the registration fee from their chamber membership fee. Having paid the chamber membership fee, members of the chamber can use the following services of the chamber:
- counselling in economic, financial, tax and crediting issues,
- business partner search,
- bid monitoring. 

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